0106161113aYuma Territorial Prison

One should not miss the old prison in Yuma if you are in the area!  Prison’s are not necessarily  a vacationer’s paradise but I must say this was pretty darn interesting!  The dismal conditions prisoners of the day endured and the crimes they were charged and convicted of in which to enter these living conditions would make one pretty up on the living level, either that or flee!  Some were actually imprisoned for having an affair outside of marriage, oh my goodness if that would be the case today our prisons would be skyscrapers (sadly enough)!  It was a very cool historical site and I highly recommend it.  Yuma was a bustling medium sized city with absolutely perfect weather for January.  Yuma is also a snowbirder’s destination and now I can see why.  So much more to see in Yuma and so little time we were there but I hope to return in the near future and really soak up more of southern Arizona’s historical myths, legends and facts.


Who me? Trailer Trash?

I find this phrase an interesting description explaining a different lifestyle than what other’s deem normal. I actually laugh at the phrase because those who like to label those “nomads” never actually considered how much money “Trailer Trash People” have to cough up to be “trashy”! I get that Nomads, Gypsies, Trailer Trash and Homeless Campers all have a different degree in actual description but I am going to lump sum them all for this blog entry. I once saw a news clip of those poor homeless families and how economics had forced them to all live in a RV or worse yet a camper on their truck! Oh boo those poor people! Are you kidding me? Yes I do know that some have had a tough break losing their homes and jobs, which I may add I am sorry for your misfortune and there isn’t anyone living that couldn’t find themselves in the same predicament. Really though, an RV is a home, and a roof over your head, so enjoy it, it may be permanent, temporary or you just might find that you really like being “Trailer Trash” and want to enjoy what life has to offer.

So with that in mind, don’t worry about what other’s will think or approve of, it’s not ever homeless it is houseless, also utility bill-less, stress-less, mowing-less, keeping up the Jones’s-less, clutter-less, property tax-less and yes as most all the other blogs I’ve read on this lifestyle….LESS IS MORE!

Unofficial Claimer:  I have seen beautiful big house’s look trashy, and I’ve seen some trashy RV’s that look just beautiful, it’s all a matter of perspective and your degree of integrity.  Hey Dr. Phil, how’s that one? 🙂


So it’s been awhile since I last posted.  During these last few months my mind has been on other issue’s than RVing as I had lost my Mother the end of February (no, I did not take her on a road trip and forgot where I left her) so between laying Mom to rest and all the other things that goes along with grieving I haven’t been able to get my thinking cap on for a bit.  Now that I have my thinking cap back on here I go again.

One thing that is amazing about RV’s is that even during times like these you have your own space, bed and whatever you need instead of Motel costs, camping out with family members etc.  Although I have an amazing family and love spending time with them it’s good to spread yourself out without concerns about taking someone else’s space up!  So conclusion is…RV’s are a multipurpose unit that proves to be invaluable!

Ahhhhh the View!

Now because I can carry on a conversion while injecting “oh look, there’s a Butterfly” I will now bounce to a couple of  sights our large front window has to offer.

One of the request Jamie had for a Motorhome is that it doesn’t have a split window, he just didn’t want to have to look at a seam down the middle of the front window. I am so glad his “little details” was also fulfilled. I myself never even thought of that one, I was more about dishes I guess.

20141030_173146 Scooter sharing his window with Jamie in Brookings Oregon

20140524_114113Honestly can’t remember if this was in Nevada or Eastern California beautiful nonetheless (I am leaning towards Eastern Cali though).

Doesn’t this make you want to get going down those roads out there?  So much to see, so much to do, so little time!  Sit back and enjoy every mile.  Oh and if the passenger has to have one of those stops to be more comfortable, no worries get up and walk to the bathroom it’s there for the taking.  Sorry Driver, you have to pull over.

The Beginning of Scooter’s Window View

2012-06-15_14.00.00Welcome to our new adventure!  With Scooter’s permission I am going to share his window view with you, on a side note Scooter could really careless what I do as long as I feed him, take him for walks, clean up after him, mend his socks, keep his laundry clean or, shoot… sorry got off track there, back to the dog… 20140314_193512 After consultation with the spouse and pleading with him how Scoot needed a bigger automobile to ride along in he was happy and willing to give up the over 2500 square foot home to reside with me and our spoiled little Shih Tzu/Maltese mix.  As this is my very first time ever blogging I am warning you, I am not a professional writer, nor am I a professional speller or professional anything, however I am a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Dog owner, who always thought it would be so much fun to sell all the goods join a traveling show and dance the night away.  Well okay, I’ve grown a little bit wiser from my childhood fantasies so now I rent a storage unit with goods I am not using, following the Adult Children for visits as they are both holding our grandchildren hostage and we must save them from a Grandparent’less lifestyle.  Oh and of course a little dancing inbetween. So here goes yet another BlogSpot about those irresponsible grown ups who have rebelled against lawn mowing, house painting, roof replacing, property tax paying, mortgage paying, do as the other’s do paying…phew exhausted thinking about it! (view from our sticks and bricks) 20140224_172205   So you ask, “How can you give up that gorgeous view”? My response:  Read above paragraph.  So starts the adventure for Scooter and us and hope you follow along as we learn about this new lifestyle of ours and hopefully maybe get some insight from you and possibly however the smallest of chance’s we may be able to help you on your journey whether it be the dream or the reality for you.  More to come…….