Who me? Trailer Trash?

I find this phrase an interesting description explaining a different lifestyle than what other’s deem normal. I actually laugh at the phrase because those who like to label those “nomads” never actually considered how much money “Trailer Trash People” have to cough up to be “trashy”! I get that Nomads, Gypsies, Trailer Trash and Homeless Campers all have a different degree in actual description but I am going to lump sum them all for this blog entry. I once saw a news clip of those poor homeless families and how economics had forced them to all live in a RV or worse yet a camper on their truck! Oh boo those poor people! Are you kidding me? Yes I do know that some have had a tough break losing their homes and jobs, which I may add I am sorry for your misfortune and there isn’t anyone living that couldn’t find themselves in the same predicament. Really though, an RV is a home, and a roof over your head, so enjoy it, it may be permanent, temporary or you just might find that you really like being “Trailer Trash” and want to enjoy what life has to offer.

So with that in mind, don’t worry about what other’s will think or approve of, it’s not ever homeless it is houseless, also utility bill-less, stress-less, mowing-less, keeping up the Jones’s-less, clutter-less, property tax-less and yes as most all the other blogs I’ve read on this lifestyle….LESS IS MORE!

Unofficial Claimer:  I have seen beautiful big house’s look trashy, and I’ve seen some trashy RV’s that look just beautiful, it’s all a matter of perspective and your degree of integrity.  Hey Dr. Phil, how’s that one? 🙂


Fulltimer? Sometimer? Halftimer? Kitchentimer? Oldtimer? And time and time again….

I have read many blogs that state whether you are a full timer or not, seems to me it really doesn’t matter what classifications there are for one who resides in a metal or fiberglass siding, if you are an RV’er your an RV’er!

For all of the people out there that are the weekender’s… good for you we share the same kind of passion, you who travel on a constant basis… good for you (oh and I’m jealous) we share the same kind of passion. Half timer’s… good for you, we too share the same kind of passion, oh and for you who aren’t mobile and just live in a rv..I know what your house looks like inside! We all share in the same type of community living that most will not.  Sadly it’s true folks, there are people out there that would prefer paying over a 100 bucks a night, sleeping on a mattress that others have slept before you, relaxing in 4 walls adjoined to other people’s walls, listening to their non stop conversation and flushes only to have to leave that euphoric atmosphere by 11 a.m. to which you only could enter after 4 p.m. the previous day.

Yes fellow Rv’ers, it’s a sad sad world out there!

P.S. To those who do prefer the Hotel atmosphere, well that’s okay it’s your money enjoy!

The reorganizing phase for one like me that isn’t organized

A few posts-ago I mentioned how quickly our home sold and how everything was in storage waiting to be gone through at a later date, well I had a plan a huge plan, guess what, my plan somehow keeps getting put on hold. I will explain..

We decided the easiest way to thumb through our 30 plus years of accumulation would be to reset up in a home (rented of course) and actually start from scratch again, now guess what? We now rent a home (instead of a storage unit) to store our belongings that we are not using to go through at a later date. Somewhere I’ve seem to recollect a similar dilemma!

Amongst many articles of memorabilia and furnishings I am now back to square one. Ever see the movie Ground Hog Day? I can relate.

I will add though, it really isn’t a bad idea to do this as we can now see that storing all this stuff really isn’t necessary for our future and so much of it is replaceable. However, what I have been noticing is a reorganization within myself.  As a lifelong homemaker it really is a hard thing to let go of all your hard work even if you think that it isn’t.  Let’s be honest with ourselves (or maybe it’s just me) even when the children are old enough to move out on their own and do, a lot of times they return for a short while. Well, I guess I am not much different, it is a weaning process no matter who or how old you are. So my fellow RV’ers and future RV’ers its all a process don’t give up and by all means keep the storage unit if you must, it’s sooooo much cheaper!!

Since we have rented the house, we have been there physically 1 month out of 6 and still counting!


Why is it that being a “homemaker” you have to make your home?  I have debated with myself why do I have to change certain things to make myself feel more at home.  So after living in someone else’s design for awhile the notion to redo takes ahold of me and I just can’t let it go until I get something done about it.  Fortunately the hubby is willing, able and likes my ideas so out goes the booth and onto table and chairs!

boothbooth modification

This little bit of modification really opened up some space and feels less “campy” and more like a living space.  It totally drove me nuts that the booth was wider than the slide out and I had to look at the overlap while enjoying a little television, oh and the little television, well 40 inch couldn’t fit any bigger in darn!

Another modification we did (which isn’t much) helped with a little less clutter appearance in the kitchen is a new faucet.  I  already had the residential pull out faucet style but was still hard to clean larger items in the shallow sink so this is what we did.  The new faucet has the pull down spout instead of the pull out spout that the original had.  A much more sleeker look and a more functional sink.  Now mind you we were going to add a flip up shelf made from the booth dinette table but the laminate broke on it while cutting it down.. double darn!  Shelf comes later.faucet

Camping World


May oh In the Merry, Merry Month Of May!  Off to see Grandchildren and play play play!  You know, that is my favorite 4 letter word!  Of course my favorite 13 word is Grandchildren.  First stop..Grandchildren next stop…

.grand canyon scootergrand canyon1

Even Scooter was impressed with one big hole in the ground!  Awe, the Grand Canyon nothing like it!  If you haven’t seen it go, so beautiful and of course pictures cannot describe the beauty or majestic’ness (is that a word)?  Next stop,

brice canyon1Bryce Canyon

This is the first time I have seen Bryce Canyon I have been to Grand Canyon some years ago and as always impressive.  I was very taken in by the uniqueness of Bryce Canyon these sphere’s or whatever they are called, reminded me of Chess piece’s very beautiful.  The landscape was such orange/red hue colors unlike the Pacific Northwest that’s for sure!  A must see if it is on your route.

So, I figure since we are going to see these sight’s in May before the summer rush is on we would not have to fight the touring crowd…. WRONG!  Germany, France and China must have different calendars.  The tour buses were just rolling and rolling.  I am glad that we are that special here in the Good Ole’ USA!  Strangely enough I find I am wrong quite a bit…hmmmmm,


So it’s been awhile since I last posted.  During these last few months my mind has been on other issue’s than RVing as I had lost my Mother the end of February (no, I did not take her on a road trip and forgot where I left her) so between laying Mom to rest and all the other things that goes along with grieving I haven’t been able to get my thinking cap on for a bit.  Now that I have my thinking cap back on here I go again.

One thing that is amazing about RV’s is that even during times like these you have your own space, bed and whatever you need instead of Motel costs, camping out with family members etc.  Although I have an amazing family and love spending time with them it’s good to spread yourself out without concerns about taking someone else’s space up!  So conclusion is…RV’s are a multipurpose unit that proves to be invaluable!

Researched, Now What?

So okay I did my homework, did lots of reading (still do, yes you can teach an old dog new tricks). Only problem is not all wonderful ideas and suggestions fit my scenario so I had to do something very very scary, think for myself!

Our Motorhome has some different style of cupboards that most “run of the mill” RV’s have, I do not have flat style cabinetry it is rounded in parts, some flat some large, some small.  The amazing thing is I pondered on how I was going to fit everything in there that I needed and low and behold not only did it have the necessary space I needed I had extra room in those cupboards!  With a little creative thought, a little research and a little shopping I found a few of my solutions to my dilemma’s.

Dilemma no. 1)  I love to cook in a RV, now mind you as days, weeks, possibly years go by this may all change,  but for the time being I do enjoy whipping up something for us to sit back and enjoy as we plop ourselves down on the furniture while watching the T.V. to me it’s called playing house in my playhouse!  So with that a cook needs her spices.  This is the solution I found for my large cupboard above my stove.


Such a simple inexpensive solution, not only does it keep my spices and extras organized, I can take the drawers out while cooking for easy access.  I am short, we learn to adjust.

I know some of you will say, “Oh I have those in my house cupboards and have been using them for years, well let me clue you in Mrs./Mr./Miss I haven’t,  I am one that believes if it doesn’t fit make it fit than close the door/cabinet door really fast before it escapes and seethes into my living space!  Oh organized people frustrate me to no end, only because I am jealous and there is no other reason.  Albeit, hat’s off to you well organized creative humans out there, without you I would of never thought of my spices ever being organized.