Worst Blogger Ever….(ME)!

It again has been a few months since I last wrote, seems to be a habit of mine now. Although I don’t have much to catch you up on as nothing super exciting has happened. I’ve just been sliding down the banister of life and nothing much to report about so with that in mind this blog will be on a few suggestions that may possibly help in organizing your cooking time in a small, tight, hardly any counter to work on dinner prep in an RV.

When cooking in a normal size kitchen it is easy to just start cooking and throwing whatever you need out there and “winging it”, on a counter that is the size of a large platter plate not so easy. I have found that if I need to use the stove top I will get my salad made, set it aside and clean up after myself before I start the next step. Although I know that some use their tables as extra counter space I just don’t do that, don’t ask me why I have no clue! If I am making my own tarter sauce, cocktail sauce, (we love our seafood), any condiment I whip together, I get that out of the way before use of stove and clean up that part of the dinner prep. Now comes the hot foods!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I love to cook in my RV and I still do, but it took me awhile to get a rhythm down, before syncing my work space I was quite frustrated at times. When we would RV before going full time it was simple to prep foods from home then cook simply while we were traveling, I can’t do that now! I have actually entertained in my RV successfully but it does take a little bit of mind organization to do that.  If we are having dinner quest I usually prep my side dishes well in advance without it becoming non fresh tasting so I can concentrate on table settings etc. then again hot foods come last.  All else fails there’s pizza delivery.

As often as I can I use my crockpot, best invention ever!

Now of course there are those days I just can’t bring myself to figure out what to cook so out the door we go and enjoy a dinner out, saves on the dish towels.


That’s it folks, my prep area!




0106161113aYuma Territorial Prison

One should not miss the old prison in Yuma if you are in the area!  Prison’s are not necessarily  a vacationer’s paradise but I must say this was pretty darn interesting!  The dismal conditions prisoners of the day endured and the crimes they were charged and convicted of in which to enter these living conditions would make one pretty up on the living level, either that or flee!  Some were actually imprisoned for having an affair outside of marriage, oh my goodness if that would be the case today our prisons would be skyscrapers (sadly enough)!  It was a very cool historical site and I highly recommend it.  Yuma was a bustling medium sized city with absolutely perfect weather for January.  Yuma is also a snowbirder’s destination and now I can see why.  So much more to see in Yuma and so little time we were there but I hope to return in the near future and really soak up more of southern Arizona’s historical myths, legends and facts.

Writer’s Block, no wait, Writer Blocked!

It’s been quite a few months since I have blogged, hopefully this isn’t a sign to come. Being a person that can get distracted quite easily I have let 5 months slip by without any updates. So here goes again!

We are houseless again! By the end of October of 2015 the house we were leasing had an offer submitted on it so there is my excuse! The next two months we did a lot of house purging. By the end of the first week of December we held our “Estate Liquidation Sale”, oh my I cannot believe the junk people buy versus what they don’t! We still have a storage unit but much smaller than last time, we certainly lightened our load! Talking about feeling lighter, less stuff to be concerned about and in all honesty there is only a few things I have in storage that I remember and it’s only been a couple of months that I stored them….hmm maybe I should of got rid of more! That still may come later but for now I will concentrate on being a motorhome dweller.

20150910_130225      So for now Newport, I will catch you on the “flip flop”.

First lesson’s learned!

So reaching back to some of the lessons learned when we bought our motorhome was well…. interesting to say the least.

Having a lifestyle of sometimes together, sometimes not because of job, one gets really antsy to get that new toy on the road, but because I am a sissy and it’s large body, it’s steering wheel and all those buttons intimidate me (let alone those other driver’s out there) I called upon a long time friend that just happened to be a Semi Truck Driver for a few years and she was up for the task to drive to Southern California to see my daughter and granddaughter (which I might add she use to babysit that daughter for me)!  Friends are awesome!


Very impressive I might add, filtering through LA rush hour traffic!   Me?  not so much!

On our way down Julie noticed that the engine was running a tad hot so we pulled over and I checked the coolant level I thought it looked a little low so I went ahead and started to dump coolant in it which took quite a few gallons!  After telling the husband he says… “You didn’t put the Green Coolant in it did you”????  Well of course I did, what else would I have done? “NOOOOOO it takes the RED COOLANT, PARK IT”!!!!   OOPS!  Now how would of I known there was such a thing as “Red Coolant”  oh that’s right…read the manual!  Needless to say I did get a hold of a Mobile RV Tech that drained my mistake and got me up and running as soon as he could, 6 hours later but no damage done!  Phew!!!  Now I might add hubby wanted me to check the generator oil and as a thoughtful wife I did, it looked low so I filled it up to find out later that generator oil doesn’t look the same as engine oil so… had to drain a lot out as I over filled it!  Lesson learned, luckily not the hard way just the DUH way!

New Recipe, “Eggs-Le’-Bleu”

20131231_113210HA HA HA OOPS!

Possibly before one should start using the RV microwave, consider your time difference from home appliance’s versus RV appliance’s.  While some RV appliance’s actually run a little on the cooler side than home appliance’s i.e. microwave’s some do not.  Mine does not!  All else fails read the instructions.  Outside of a few mishaps with eggs and baking cookies the micro mini cooking seems to work pretty well!  All a learning curve.

Breaking Bad Habits

No I am not talking about unhealthy habits, however would be a good thing to consider! I am talking about bad household habits! Living in a house can really play havoc on tidiness rituals. Let me explain, when living in a house it is so easy to get up in the morning and leave your bed unmade at least for a few hours of the morning. I don’t suggest this in a RV even if you have a separate bedroom as one can see that unmade bed until it is made!

Dishes in the sink, yes I am guilty of just saying oh I will get to it in a few, then after a couple of hours I take care of the mess. Once again you will see those dirty dishes until they are cleaned and put away in your RV and I didn’t even have to go to college to learn that one!

Don’t leave your shoes in the middle of the floor! Gravity can sure play a downer (literally) on your bones and muscles. Don’t leave your dirty clothes on the bed or on the floor messy, messy and of course we have gravity problems again. Oh and while I’m on the subject keep the wet bath towels off the bed, drying bedding is much more challenging in an rv!

Practicing these simple tasks even before you set out on your dream life will make it a lifestyle habit and not a chore, which I might add I learned it after the fact.

So as a Mother’s advice from the past and present, PICK UP AFTER YOURSELVES! Not only will cleaning be much easier and area more comfortable to live in it will help with those falling issue’s! Oh, and one more thing, makes it a lot easier to be ready to pull stakes and take off a whole lot quicker!


Okay, some women get it some don’t, however I am in the category of Don’t, Can’t remember and that just doesn’t make any sense to me category! Example:
DH: “honey did you turn on the Converter”?
Me: “What’s that”?
DH: “The Converter, make sure it’s on so that the house batteries charge while we are plugged into electricity”
Me: “Ya we are plugged into electricity”
DH: “NO, the Converter, is it on”?
Me: “What’s that”?
DH:  (In a very slow methodical tone)  “Did you turn the switch on below the keys that are hanging on the control panel”? 
Me: “Yes of course, how come you didn’t ask me that in the first place”?

Such as life as we start down the road he asks me, “Honey, did you turn the converter off”? Ummmm, what’s that?

What I’d like to know is, why don’t they just call it “House Battery Charging Switch”?  They call it a “Light Switch” to turn on lights!  Makes perfect sense to me!

Don’t even get me started on the term Inverter, that one will really throw me over the edge!
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