Worst Blogger Ever….(ME)!

It again has been a few months since I last wrote, seems to be a habit of mine now. Although I don’t have much to catch you up on as nothing super exciting has happened. I’ve just been sliding down the banister of life and nothing much to report about so with that in mind this blog will be on a few suggestions that may possibly help in organizing your cooking time in a small, tight, hardly any counter to work on dinner prep in an RV.

When cooking in a normal size kitchen it is easy to just start cooking and throwing whatever you need out there and “winging it”, on a counter that is the size of a large platter plate not so easy. I have found that if I need to use the stove top I will get my salad made, set it aside and clean up after myself before I start the next step. Although I know that some use their tables as extra counter space I just don’t do that, don’t ask me why I have no clue! If I am making my own tarter sauce, cocktail sauce, (we love our seafood), any condiment I whip together, I get that out of the way before use of stove and clean up that part of the dinner prep. Now comes the hot foods!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I love to cook in my RV and I still do, but it took me awhile to get a rhythm down, before syncing my work space I was quite frustrated at times. When we would RV before going full time it was simple to prep foods from home then cook simply while we were traveling, I can’t do that now! I have actually entertained in my RV successfully but it does take a little bit of mind organization to do that.  If we are having dinner quest I usually prep my side dishes well in advance without it becoming non fresh tasting so I can concentrate on table settings etc. then again hot foods come last.  All else fails there’s pizza delivery.

As often as I can I use my crockpot, best invention ever!

Now of course there are those days I just can’t bring myself to figure out what to cook so out the door we go and enjoy a dinner out, saves on the dish towels.


That’s it folks, my prep area!



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