0106161113aYuma Territorial Prison

One should not miss the old prison in Yuma if you are in the area!  Prison’s are not necessarily  a vacationer’s paradise but I must say this was pretty darn interesting!  The dismal conditions prisoners of the day endured and the crimes they were charged and convicted of in which to enter these living conditions would make one pretty up on the living level, either that or flee!  Some were actually imprisoned for having an affair outside of marriage, oh my goodness if that would be the case today our prisons would be skyscrapers (sadly enough)!  It was a very cool historical site and I highly recommend it.  Yuma was a bustling medium sized city with absolutely perfect weather for January.  Yuma is also a snowbirder’s destination and now I can see why.  So much more to see in Yuma and so little time we were there but I hope to return in the near future and really soak up more of southern Arizona’s historical myths, legends and facts.


Writer’s Block, no wait, Writer Blocked!

It’s been quite a few months since I have blogged, hopefully this isn’t a sign to come. Being a person that can get distracted quite easily I have let 5 months slip by without any updates. So here goes again!

We are houseless again! By the end of October of 2015 the house we were leasing had an offer submitted on it so there is my excuse! The next two months we did a lot of house purging. By the end of the first week of December we held our “Estate Liquidation Sale”, oh my I cannot believe the junk people buy versus what they don’t! We still have a storage unit but much smaller than last time, we certainly lightened our load! Talking about feeling lighter, less stuff to be concerned about and in all honesty there is only a few things I have in storage that I remember and it’s only been a couple of months that I stored them….hmm maybe I should of got rid of more! That still may come later but for now I will concentrate on being a motorhome dweller.

20150910_130225      So for now Newport, I will catch you on the “flip flop”.