First lesson’s learned!

So reaching back to some of the lessons learned when we bought our motorhome was well…. interesting to say the least.

Having a lifestyle of sometimes together, sometimes not because of job, one gets really antsy to get that new toy on the road, but because I am a sissy and it’s large body, it’s steering wheel and all those buttons intimidate me (let alone those other driver’s out there) I called upon a long time friend that just happened to be a Semi Truck Driver for a few years and she was up for the task to drive to Southern California to see my daughter and granddaughter (which I might add she use to babysit that daughter for me)!  Friends are awesome!


Very impressive I might add, filtering through LA rush hour traffic!   Me?  not so much!

On our way down Julie noticed that the engine was running a tad hot so we pulled over and I checked the coolant level I thought it looked a little low so I went ahead and started to dump coolant in it which took quite a few gallons!  After telling the husband he says… “You didn’t put the Green Coolant in it did you”????  Well of course I did, what else would I have done? “NOOOOOO it takes the RED COOLANT, PARK IT”!!!!   OOPS!  Now how would of I known there was such a thing as “Red Coolant”  oh that’s right…read the manual!  Needless to say I did get a hold of a Mobile RV Tech that drained my mistake and got me up and running as soon as he could, 6 hours later but no damage done!  Phew!!!  Now I might add hubby wanted me to check the generator oil and as a thoughtful wife I did, it looked low so I filled it up to find out later that generator oil doesn’t look the same as engine oil so… had to drain a lot out as I over filled it!  Lesson learned, luckily not the hard way just the DUH way!


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