Breaking Bad Habits

No I am not talking about unhealthy habits, however would be a good thing to consider! I am talking about bad household habits! Living in a house can really play havoc on tidiness rituals. Let me explain, when living in a house it is so easy to get up in the morning and leave your bed unmade at least for a few hours of the morning. I don’t suggest this in a RV even if you have a separate bedroom as one can see that unmade bed until it is made!

Dishes in the sink, yes I am guilty of just saying oh I will get to it in a few, then after a couple of hours I take care of the mess. Once again you will see those dirty dishes until they are cleaned and put away in your RV and I didn’t even have to go to college to learn that one!

Don’t leave your shoes in the middle of the floor! Gravity can sure play a downer (literally) on your bones and muscles. Don’t leave your dirty clothes on the bed or on the floor messy, messy and of course we have gravity problems again. Oh and while I’m on the subject keep the wet bath towels off the bed, drying bedding is much more challenging in an rv!

Practicing these simple tasks even before you set out on your dream life will make it a lifestyle habit and not a chore, which I might add I learned it after the fact.

So as a Mother’s advice from the past and present, PICK UP AFTER YOURSELVES! Not only will cleaning be much easier and area more comfortable to live in it will help with those falling issue’s! Oh, and one more thing, makes it a lot easier to be ready to pull stakes and take off a whole lot quicker!


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