Okay, some women get it some don’t, however I am in the category of Don’t, Can’t remember and that just doesn’t make any sense to me category! Example:
DH: “honey did you turn on the Converter”?
Me: “What’s that”?
DH: “The Converter, make sure it’s on so that the house batteries charge while we are plugged into electricity”
Me: “Ya we are plugged into electricity”
DH: “NO, the Converter, is it on”?
Me: “What’s that”?
DH:  (In a very slow methodical tone)  “Did you turn the switch on below the keys that are hanging on the control panel”? 
Me: “Yes of course, how come you didn’t ask me that in the first place”?

Such as life as we start down the road he asks me, “Honey, did you turn the converter off”? Ummmm, what’s that?

What I’d like to know is, why don’t they just call it “House Battery Charging Switch”?  They call it a “Light Switch” to turn on lights!  Makes perfect sense to me!

Don’t even get me started on the term Inverter, that one will really throw me over the edge!
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Who me? Trailer Trash?

I find this phrase an interesting description explaining a different lifestyle than what other’s deem normal. I actually laugh at the phrase because those who like to label those “nomads” never actually considered how much money “Trailer Trash People” have to cough up to be “trashy”! I get that Nomads, Gypsies, Trailer Trash and Homeless Campers all have a different degree in actual description but I am going to lump sum them all for this blog entry. I once saw a news clip of those poor homeless families and how economics had forced them to all live in a RV or worse yet a camper on their truck! Oh boo those poor people! Are you kidding me? Yes I do know that some have had a tough break losing their homes and jobs, which I may add I am sorry for your misfortune and there isn’t anyone living that couldn’t find themselves in the same predicament. Really though, an RV is a home, and a roof over your head, so enjoy it, it may be permanent, temporary or you just might find that you really like being “Trailer Trash” and want to enjoy what life has to offer.

So with that in mind, don’t worry about what other’s will think or approve of, it’s not ever homeless it is houseless, also utility bill-less, stress-less, mowing-less, keeping up the Jones’s-less, clutter-less, property tax-less and yes as most all the other blogs I’ve read on this lifestyle….LESS IS MORE!

Unofficial Claimer:  I have seen beautiful big house’s look trashy, and I’ve seen some trashy RV’s that look just beautiful, it’s all a matter of perspective and your degree of integrity.  Hey Dr. Phil, how’s that one? 🙂