Researched, Now What?

So okay I did my homework, did lots of reading (still do, yes you can teach an old dog new tricks). Only problem is not all wonderful ideas and suggestions fit my scenario so I had to do something very very scary, think for myself!

Our Motorhome has some different style of cupboards that most “run of the mill” RV’s have, I do not have flat style cabinetry it is rounded in parts, some flat some large, some small.  The amazing thing is I pondered on how I was going to fit everything in there that I needed and low and behold not only did it have the necessary space I needed I had extra room in those cupboards!  With a little creative thought, a little research and a little shopping I found a few of my solutions to my dilemma’s.

Dilemma no. 1)  I love to cook in a RV, now mind you as days, weeks, possibly years go by this may all change,  but for the time being I do enjoy whipping up something for us to sit back and enjoy as we plop ourselves down on the furniture while watching the T.V. to me it’s called playing house in my playhouse!  So with that a cook needs her spices.  This is the solution I found for my large cupboard above my stove.


Such a simple inexpensive solution, not only does it keep my spices and extras organized, I can take the drawers out while cooking for easy access.  I am short, we learn to adjust.

I know some of you will say, “Oh I have those in my house cupboards and have been using them for years, well let me clue you in Mrs./Mr./Miss I haven’t,  I am one that believes if it doesn’t fit make it fit than close the door/cabinet door really fast before it escapes and seethes into my living space!  Oh organized people frustrate me to no end, only because I am jealous and there is no other reason.  Albeit, hat’s off to you well organized creative humans out there, without you I would of never thought of my spices ever being organized.


Who can? You can?

So I sit here and ponder on all I’ve read and researched about the kind of person that can RV fulltime, you know those kind of article’s that say Take the Test or Is the RV lifestyle right for you?  Yes, quite fun to see how you fit into those molds but let’s be real about this.  Today’s kids have common core, I say let’s have some common sense!  First question that is often given, Are you one that like’s small spaces?  My answer, Duh no!  Next question, Do you and your significant other have a deep respect for each other’s personal space? Heck NO! Do you and your partner get along most of the time and agree on most everything in life? My answer to that question: “What plant was this author from”? After 34 years of marriage and 55 years of life I’ve discovered you can’t valuate any lifestyle or relationship by taking a pop quiz to find out if this is the right decision for you.

So let’s decipher those answer’s to this pop quiz. Small space’s, not many like to live in a small area where your bumping into each other, can practically brush your teeth and relieve yourself at the same time, trip over each other’s shoes, wait your turn for the bathroom porcelain, have very little kitchen space, always telling each other to move as you quip “you make a better wall than a window”! Get real most homes are that way no matter how big! I don’t know how many times I waited for the master bathroom when I had two other bathrooms in my house! Shoes? yep as soon as you walk into your house there’s a pile (still can’t figure out why it takes at least two pair of shoes for one person by the door). Side note,  this one’s a biggy for me!  Clutter, yes I loathe clutter! Here’s my resolution, does my nit pickiness stop me from learning and experiencing something new?

Let’s look at Personal Space, if personal space is so important to the human race and relationships then NO ONE should marry and have children!! I think you get the gest.

Okay next, Do we get along and agree most of the time? What? Let’s just say “hey, fine, you go ahead and think like a man, I will go ahead and think like a woman and let’s just get this monster vehicle rolling”! We have come to agreement.

All in all there are things that are going to jump out and bite you in the posterior just as you think everything is coming up rose’s. It doesn’t matter if it’s in 300 square feet of living or 3000 square feet of living. What is important is that you are doing something that you want to do whether bad decision or good decision at least it’s a decision!

One thing that most questionnaire’s don’t ask is, Do you love your spouse more than yourself?

Hmmmm, thoughts to ponder!

Another side note, now if you are the kind that does not like to camp, rv, travel, have fun, meet new people experience new things then I would say not the lifestyle for you, but alas, if you try it you might like it!

 Disclaimer: This article is solely one’s own opinion and is not based on scientific philosophical evidence nor is it meant to be used as a source of all life’s answers to ones problems or needs and should not be used as a “I told you so”. (must read this very fast with no breath inbetween words, it makes it sound more official).