Ahhhhh the View!

Now because I can carry on a conversion while injecting “oh look, there’s a Butterfly” I will now bounce to a couple of  sights our large front window has to offer.

One of the request Jamie had for a Motorhome is that it doesn’t have a split window, he just didn’t want to have to look at a seam down the middle of the front window. I am so glad his “little details” was also fulfilled. I myself never even thought of that one, I was more about dishes I guess.

20141030_173146 Scooter sharing his window with Jamie in Brookings Oregon

20140524_114113Honestly can’t remember if this was in Nevada or Eastern California beautiful nonetheless (I am leaning towards Eastern Cali though).

Doesn’t this make you want to get going down those roads out there?  So much to see, so much to do, so little time!  Sit back and enjoy every mile.  Oh and if the passenger has to have one of those stops to be more comfortable, no worries get up and walk to the bathroom it’s there for the taking.  Sorry Driver, you have to pull over.


Setting Up Housekeeping

When we first purchased our Motorhome I did a lot of research on what seasoned RV’ers used on a daily basis.  I had furnished my travel trailer with Melamine dishes but was not going to use them as they are not good in the microwave!  Learned that lesson on my own, it only took once to heat food on them then burn my hand grabbing the plate!  After many blogs read it  seemed they were all pretty much in agreement with corelle style dishes,  although some liked paper plates I couldn’t imagine day after day eating as though we were just traveling for the weekend.  So I searched and searched just for the right pattern (I am just odd that way) and finally found what would tickle my fancy and be functional too.  I found these.

cor_memphis_rnd_plate_dp_1065642 (2)Corelle Memphis

For quite a few years I collected Fiestaware (the new ones) and always was delighted to set a table with colors, so on my mission to find pleasant rv-ware’ I was thrilled to find somewhat similar colors rv style!  Keeping with my style for homemaking and not compromising on certain little details helped me to settle in to this new lifestyle.  I am sure that I drove my husband bonker’s with my little details, but he never has complained about eating the food off of them!

Other purpose’s  I would like to extend on is, they are lightweight, easy to stack, they clean easy and don’t take up to much room as they are thin, oh but don’t break one (I did that, what a mess)!

What was I thinking???

Getting oneself physically and mentally prepared to depart from the only lifestyle your accustomed too is no easy task on any level. It is very easy to sit back and daydream of your upcoming new way of doing and being but when reality slaps you across the face and shouts “HEY GET IT TOGETHER YOU ONLY HAVE THREE WEEKS  TO GET IT DONE”!!!

No one can tell you how quick or long it will take to sell your home so my suggestion is this, don’t do what I did and wait until that wanted offer comes in! I will give myself some credit, as I am thinking that most homes sell best in Spring and Fall it would be best to list our home in January as there hasn’t been much activity in the real estate world and it takes sometime for loan approvals, inspections, etc.. WRONG AGAIN! Who would of thought that my property would sell in 3 weeks with another 3 weeks to vacate? Certainly not I! So here I am holding the bag so to speak with a cash offer I couldn’t refuse a husband that was away for a few months, for his job calls him away from home a granddaughter and daughter staying with us inbetween their new home and all this stuff! Luckily the Daughter is better at organizing then me and had me up and moving, she proved to be a very special blessing during those quick weeks. I would like to mention that she is a blessing whether moving skills or just being her. Needless to say,  that which I wanted to downsize  went into storage for a later date to thumb through.

A year before we had listed our home to not even one showing so we ended up renting it for a six month stint and took it off the market.  We would of rented it longer but our renters wanted to move back to their home state,  so we decided to move back in and not rent it.  It was way to much to be concerned about just renting it and we didn’t want that burden.  So all in all we had a six month trial run which helped to get the goods out of the Motorhome that never saw the light of day! Not a bad idea to have a “shake down” period, it did help me to sort needs and not needs. In another post I will elaborate a bit more what I have found useful and not so useful. Still a learning curve but isn’t that life in general?

Mission Accomplished
Mission Accomplished

“Newbie”? Wellll, yes and no

Although we are new to the Motorhome life let alone the full time living lifestyle, we are not new to Tentless camping.  I myself grew up in a home that camped a lot and my husband (let’s call him Jamie) grew up  with a father that liked to fish and would load their camper onto their truck and pull a 1970 17ft Bayliner behind to chase those Salmon around the Pacific Ocean.  Ugh, I couldn’t imagine being on those waters with only 17 feet of surface underneath me but many do!  My father was also a avid fisherman but boats we had pretty much were only on lakes, or my father fished from shore.  Still wondering who caught the biggest hangover between the two.  Now having those weekend fishermen as father’s meant the family got to hangout campside!  We started off with a 15ft Shasta Travel Trailer from the early 60’s.  I’m thinking it was a 1962 but I could be off a year or two.  I was a young’en then so don’t really remember to much about it other than our first trip out with it we stepped inside went to sit on the couch in the back and up the front went!  My father was laughing so hard and my mother was so mad.  First lesson, leveling jacks and blocks!  So started my passion for the R.V. world.imagesNUSIIDQQ

This picture is similar to what my first TT experience was.  We just weren’t cool enough to have the wings on the back.  side note: If I can get ahold of old family photo’s I will post the actual Travel Trailer, this one looks just way to nice! 🙂

*I would love to hear about or see your first mobile mansion so slip me a comment and or picture*

You Can’t Have it All (but I try)

Most things that I used on a daily basis in my “Sticks and Bricks” I found a place for.  My real problem was how on earth am I going to fit that bathtub in that small corner shower?  I got my thinking cap on, hmmm if we saw down say 1 foot of length maybe about oh say 6 inches in width then squeeze it through the door of the motorhome, tear out the existing shower, retile it to fit with shortened bathtub, caulk around the edges put new fixture’s in and don’t worry about the slide out coming in as we travel down the road it might work!  Well guess what?  Yep you got it, didn’t work at all.  So as my sad story of the soaking in the tub after a long day of traveling just isn’t going to happen tarries on.  Now you may think that is a dumb idea and granted it is but I relinquished the idea of taking our Jacuzzi with us after all a  woman needs her soak!

One other thing that I truly missed was my fireplace.  Oh how I love to sit back in the evenings watch a good show or two on the T.V. with a flickering warm fire (yes I am a Pacific Northwestern’er).  Of course when we purchased the R.V. I didn’t even consider no fireplace in it  until I didn’t have  one, shoot I was ready to trade our R.V. in for a new one that had one in it!  I found the solution.                                                   20140928_185919                                                                                                                                               I love my little fake fireplace, it even has a heater in it that really puts out a lot of warmth!  We purchased it at Camping World an Rv’ers trusted friend.  You know what’s really fun?   Stopping inbetween destinations for the night in their parking lot and sleeping for free!  Can’t beat that price!  One other item I desperately missed was a washer and dryer!  Guess what?  Found that at Camping World too and they installed it for us.  I am really liking this R.V. thing!
Camping World


Every now and then had residing in a tourist town, it was fun to mingle amongst those who are enjoying the surroundings possibly for their first time (I strongly say…every now and then).  It always amazed me how people enjoyed watching the seals lay on the docks of the bay (hmmm reminds me of a song) ‘Sittin on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away hmm ‘sittin on the docks of the bay, wasting time… okay now that I have that song stuck in your head I will tell you those seals were more a nuisance than an attraction for locals.  Just think, having to try to outrun those noisy creature’s when your trying to bay crab with crab rings.. isn’t going to happen they peg you and follow you like a stray dog, I would not suggest bringing one home with you though!  However, to see children’s delight and even some adults being amused by the sight of them makes one kind of enjoy the touristy feel so “playing tourist” is quite enjoyable and fun (even when your not the tourist).  Now BEING a Tourist is a whole different story especially for those who are new to the bus style Motorhome World!  Let me explain…. We are the proud owners of a 37G diesel pusher 2 slideouts pulling an almost 20 ft suburban behind so in retrospect we are talking a measly 61 feet of RV/TOWBAR/SUBURBAN no problem right?  Right, until you reach downtown San Francisco and THIS…imagesCA9Y157EWe were lucky that day, we entered the toll gates at 5 O’clock rush hour so we didn’t have to pay to get through.  What a couple of idiots we were!!  So as the Dear Husband remained stopped and backing up traffic while deciding if we were going to get through without having to call for help with those little machines they call the “Jaws of Life” to get us out we gingerly inched our way through with only hitting our passenger mirror which only took on a couple of scratches and turned in (which I might add was interesting to try to turn back out without falling out the passenger window)!  Of course as hubby is complaining he can’t get over because he can’t see out the mirror to change lanes I had an epiphany DUH, use the blinker we have a side camera!!!!  So goes the phrase, #*&%@# TOURIST!  (yes this is a picture off the internet, I was to scared to snap my own picture)!  By the way we did notice there was a better way to do this with such a large vehicle AFTER we  entered toll gates!

Now, a little more about driving around San Francisco.  Ever use one of those GPS gadgets, you know the RV kind where it will advise you from going on roads that your weight and length wouldn’t be a good idea?  Ya, we have one of those.  So we are cruising along, happy little campers, enjoying the lifestyle of the free and on target this nagging little voice comes booming across our “gadget” telling us to take the next exit.  WHAT we are on a freeway this piece of machine of technology is so not smart, doesn’t get where we are and has no clue we are headed in the direction that we need to go!  We just ignore “her” and keep on driving and again “she” comes on and proceeds to tell us to take this next exit we are approaching we scoff at her.  I might add I did see a sign a ways back about nothing over 3 tons allowed on a certain stretch of freeway but what 3 tons is not us must mean like mobile home movers. Hmmm 3 tons 2000 lbs a ton….6000 lbs!  Holy crap that includes us!  I turn to my significant other with panic in my face, HONEY THERE ARE NO TRUCKS AROUND US!  Once again the old nag tells us to take the next exit, we humbly obeyed and of course she directed us to the most seediest part of Oakland, we weren’t sure we were going to make it out alive but we listened to her and she got us back on the freeway and back on our way and I’m still here to tell the story. God is merciful even to those who have lousy math skills.